Learn How to Stop Smoking Marijuana


Do you want to learn how to stop smoking marijuana? Whether it’s because you feel you’re too old to smoke anymore, you want to get a new job, others want you to quit, or some other reason, there comes a point in almost every marijuana smoker’s life when they decide they’ve had enough. If you’re ready to stop your weed habit, but don’t know how, these tips are for you:

1.) Preparation is key. cbd berlin

Don’t just stop abruptly. Get ready first. Stop on a date that you don’t have a lot of other stressful things going on. Also, get your paraphernalia together so that you can get rid of it when the date arrives. Let your friends know that you’re quitting (you don’t have to explain your reasons), just let them know that you’d appreciate it if they’d respect your decision and not smoke in your presence. Doing all of these things ahead of time can prevent relapse.

2.) It’s all in your head.

Be prepared to feel cravings after you quit. These cravings will likely start off subtle but may increase in intensity, especially for the first week or two. How to quit smoking marijuana is to remind yourself that it’s mind over matter. Your addiction revolves around the psychological effects of weed, not the act of smoking. There are other mind stimulating activities that you can get involved in that do not involve marijuana or any other drug.

3.) Stay Busy

Try not to have any down time until you get used to how to quit smoking marijuana for good. Boredom frequently leads to a setback so stay as busy as possible. Go to the gym, or participate in other self-esteem boosting activities that will make you want to stick with your commitment to stop smoking marijuana.

Do you want to Quit Marijuana?

After smoking marijuana for close to 10 years, one of the main reasons that I wanted to quit was to get my mind back. I feel like a different, better person now that I am not stoned all of the time. Most people can’t quit weed because they don’t know what to expect, or don’t have a plan.

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