Video Review: The Vivo X60



The Vivo X60 really is the perfect budget phone that you could purchase right at this very minute. It packs in lots of great functions, like a triple camera, quick charging, a solid super low weight, and of course, excellent battery life. But the real selling point for this phone is that it does not compromise on performance. It has all of the features that you will find in a top-tier device, but the price is affordable enough that you will be able to buy one without a vivo x60

The Vivo X60 comes with a sleek metal and glass body, which is definitely attractive. It also has a one inch aluminum unibody design, along with a metallic skin that curves around the entire phone to help it nestle your hand more comfortably. One of the best things about the phone is the fact that it is completely sealed from the outside world, meaning no more plastic or glass pieces interrupting the air around your phone. For instance, there is no more physical barrier between you and the vivo scanner. The scanner itself is protected by a rigid metallic lip, so you do not have to worry about it getting knocked off or damaged. The front-facing camera is protected by a Gorilla glass pane, which protects it from scratches and even direct sunlight.

One of the biggest complaints about the Vivo X60 was the lack of a SIM tray, which meant that the phone had to always be connected to a PC for any action that needed to be taken with the phone. However, the folks over at Funtouch have done all that they can to remedy this problem, including the inclusion of a USB cable that doubles as a charging port. You also no longer have to deal with connecting the vivo scanner to the PC to take an image or record a video. With the USB cable, the Vivo X60 can capture an image instantly and transfer it directly to your computer.

When it comes to features, the Vivo X60 pro is equipped to perform every task that you would expect out of a digital camera. It has an internal 4.2 megapixel camera that takes excellent pictures, as well as optical zoom. Along with optical zoom, the Vivo X60 pro also has a laser zoom that will make sure you get quality shots even if the object is small in size. The phone also has a solid, metallic body that will blend in nicely with most designs, and is easy to grip thanks to the curved screen. On the software side, the Vivo X60 pro has a number of different applications loaded up on it, including the Google Maps application, Google Talk, and a dialer.

In terms of picture quality, the Vivo X60 performed well, but fell short of some of the higher end smartphones like the iPhone and HTC Evo. While the images captured in the low resolution, basic mode were detailed enough, it could do better. In the picture quality range, the colors looked washed out and dull, and the images had less contrast. The screen seemed to also be quite dim when using the cell phone in normal light, even with the auto brightness on.

With the ability to download full movies onto your phone, the Vivo X60 Pro provides movie-quality picture quality right at home. If you have been looking for a device with a high resolution, sleek design, and the ability to download full high resolution files straight onto your phone, the Vivo X60 should definitely be considered. It does have one distinct advantage over the iPhone or HTC Evo, though: it has a built in stabilization system. The phone’s built in stabilization system allows it to take clear, images even when you are moving. When you are holding the phone steady, the camera will be able to capture a steady image. It also helps that the Vivo X60 has one of the best sound speakers on a smartphone – which, when coupled with the excellent images and videos the unit captures, makes the unit well worth the price.

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